English Essays for Life!

Some information about me

Hi everyone! My name is Wang Chen. Imagine a typical student from China studying in the US. What is he like? Any stereotypes? Any suggestions of what he is all about? Well, hope the picture in your head has nothing to do with the real me.

Yes, I’m from China and that is probably the only thing marking me aside from other Chinese students here in America. I guess I’m more passionate and focused. I absolutely in love with this whole other world full of strangers speaking on a foreign language. Actually, language is the main reason I’ve started this blog.

The culture of the place I’m living now inspires me every single day. I’m trying to absorb everything around me. And the language is my main aim. I want to feel native in a foreign country and this blog is going to help me in the first place. Hope it will reflect my evolution as a writer and student.

I’m totally into art, literature, interesting business cases, startups, and stuff. This blog is well-structured (I hope) storage of everything I already know about writing. Moreover, it is constantly filled up with the newest info I discover. Here you will find various guides on how to create a perfect English essay and tips to write different parts of a paper such as introduction and conclusion.

This is not a “My dear diary” type of thing. We’re here to study and communicate. I’m practicing my English and providing you with the most up to date information. Hope this blog will be helpful not just for me, not just for foreign students as myself, but native speakers also. So, ready, steady, go!