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AP English Argumentative Essay: Write an A-Level Paper

AP English Argumentative Essay: Write an A-Level Paper

One of the most popular types of essays in schools and colleges is AP English argumentative essay.The argumentative essay has a goal to show readers some point of view and show readers some supporting information while explaining why this opinion matters. But how to write an A-level argumentative essay? That’s what we will talk about.

Starting your AP English argumentative essay

The introduction is a part of the essay that not only presents your argument but also attracts more readers to it. You can use an interesting hook to include in your essay:

  • A question;
  • A quote;
  • Statistics;
  • Definition of a topic;
  • A story;
  • A joke.

Provide some background information on the topic of your essay. You should also create a thesis statement for your paper. It is the main argument that states the importance of your argumentative essay and why your position matters.

Tips on writing AP English argumentative essay body paragraphs

Body paragraphs present not only your main arguments but also evidence to back them up. It’s especially important for an argumentative essay to use effective arguments to support your idea.

Body paragraphs should consist of 3 or more paragraphs, each of them presenting one argument and one piece of evidence. There are a few important components of the body paragraphs:

  1. Topic sentences. These should shortly describe what you are going to talk about.
  2. Supporting points and evidence. In this section, you should discuss one of your arguments and back it up with evidence.
  3. Concluding thoughts. Here, you summarize what you have discussed in the paragraph.