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Have you ever found yourself in the situation when the deadline is just around the corner, but your AP English literature and composition essays are still in process? What should you do? Let’s have a look at the task in greater detail and try to find out how to do it in a proper way!

Ap English literature and composition essays writing tips

If you are going to take the AP English Literature and Composition Exam, your tutor will also ask you to write an essay. First, let’s cover the basics. What to expect from the exam?

The AP Literature Exam usually lasts for three hours and comprises two sections. First, you need to pass a multiple-choice test and then, you need to answer the questions of a free-response section. The main mission of the exam is to check whether you can analyze works of literature in a written form.

You will be given extracts of prose or poetry. You have to read them and identify the author, the title of the book and the period when it was written. Besides, you will also be asked to write an essay.

If you like literature and have already read a number of books, you’ll easily pass the test. However, your general grade depends on the essay. You need to do your best to create a top-notch essay deserving the best possible grade. To do this, you should follow our pieces of advice:

  • Get ready for writing. Spend some time to understand the topic’s question so that you know how to cover it properly.
  • Make some notes regarding the ideas or evidence relevant to the topic.
  • Create a catchy thesis statement, which will begin your introductory paragraph.
  • Always create a plan to follow. You should first structure your essay and only then, you should embark on writing. Your goal is to decide what evidence will be included in this or that paragraph. If necessary you can prepare a few examples that can illustrate the case much better.
  • Mind that the body section is the longest one. However, it shouldn’t be longer than the predetermined limit.
  • When writing your summary, you should draw a conclusion. It should be brief, but rather informative. If necessary, you can add a call-to-action, making your core audience read the book once again.

Nevertheless, you simply can’t submit your essay without proofreading. Just reserve a few minutes to make sure that your essay is free from mistakes. If there are any, you can easily correct them.

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Students are put to numerous challenges and every task may become the real nightmare. Thus, AP English language and composition essays may become the worst challenge many students. AP English is a specific test given to the best students. The abbreviation AP stands for Advanced Placement, which proves the difficulty and importance. Only really proficient students can pass the exam successfully.

This exam is targeted to reveal the best traits of a student and surely shows how competent he/she is. Undoubtedly, the demands of such an exam are strict. That’s why we have written a brief guide to provide you with some useful prompts.

Your first objective is to choose a good topic. Mind that every section of your essay is important because this is a complex exam. The committee will be more critical to the details. Every step is to be fulfilled properly. Choose a topic, which makes you enthusiastic. In the meanwhile, it should likewise be interesting to your readers. Focus on a currently important issue and find the answers and solutions to it.

After you choose the topic, research it. Review it from all possible angles and write down all the ideas you have. Find proofs for every concept. Afterward, refine your ideas and think which ones are the most perspective for your AP essay in English.

After you choose the topic, research it. Review it from all possible angles and write down all the ideas you have. Find proofs for every concept. Afterward, refine your ideas and think which ones are the most perspective for your AP essay in English.

Tips on the structure

To compose this complex test, you have be aware of its main parts. You should not be worried about it. Such an essay contains the same structural parts as any common essay. These are:

  • Introduction. The first part of your writing is called an introduction. It helps a reader to understand the main purpose of your essay. Implement introductory facts that logically lead the reader to the thesis statement. Afterward, clearly, state what your main purpose is.
  • Main body. The section supports the thesis statement. You should provide at least three supporting arguments. Use convincing examples that fully prove your main viewpoint. Make sure the data you use is officially approved. Otherwise, your project will be worthless.
  • Conclusion. The last section should provide the results of your study. State your thesis once again and reveal the results. Give a fair evaluation of what you’ve achieved.

As you can see, you are to fulfill the same steps as always. Nonetheless, the attention and criticism of the committee are stricter. That’s why you really have to do your best to meet their demands and expectations.

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One of the most popular types of essays in schools and colleges is AP English argumentative essay.The argumentative essay has a goal to show readers some point of view and show readers some supporting information while explaining why this opinion matters. But how to write an A-level argumentative essay? That’s what we will talk about.

Starting your AP English argumentative essay

The introduction is a part of the essay that not only presents your argument but also attracts more readers to it. You can use an interesting hook to include in your essay:

  • A question;
  • A quote;
  • Statistics;
  • Definition of a topic;
  • A story;
  • A joke.

Provide some background information on the topic of your essay. You should also create a thesis statement for your paper. It is the main argument that states the importance of your argumentative essay and why your position matters.

Tips on writing AP English argumentative essay body paragraphs

Body paragraphs present not only your main arguments but also evidence to back them up. It’s especially important for an argumentative essay to use effective arguments to support your idea.

Body paragraphs should consist of 3 or more paragraphs, each of them presenting one argument and one piece of evidence. There are a few important components of the body paragraphs:

  1. Topic sentences. These should shortly describe what you are going to talk about.
  2. Supporting points and evidence. In this section, you should discuss one of your arguments and back it up with evidence.
  3. Concluding thoughts. Here, you summarize what you have discussed in the paragraph.