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Easy Tips on Writing AP English Literature and Composition Essays

Easy Tips on Writing AP English Literature and Composition Essays

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when the deadline is just around the corner, but your AP English literature and composition essays are still in process? What should you do? Let’s have a look at the task in greater detail and try to find out how to do it in a proper way!

Ap English literature and composition essays writing tips

If you are going to take the AP English Literature and Composition Exam, your tutor will also ask you to write an essay. First, let’s cover the basics. What to expect from the exam?

The AP Literature Exam usually lasts for three hours and comprises two sections. First, you need to pass a multiple-choice test and then, you need to answer the questions of a free-response section. The main mission of the exam is to check whether you can analyze works of literature in a written form.

You will be given extracts of prose or poetry. You have to read them and identify the author, the title of the book and the period when it was written. Besides, you will also be asked to write an essay.

If you like literature and have already read a number of books, you’ll easily pass the test. However, your general grade depends on the essay. You need to do your best to create a top-notch essay deserving the best possible grade. To do this, you should follow our pieces of advice:

  • Get ready for writing. Spend some time to understand the topic’s question so that you know how to cover it properly.
  • Make some notes regarding the ideas or evidence relevant to the topic.
  • Create a catchy thesis statement, which will begin your introductory paragraph.
  • Always create a plan to follow. You should first structure your essay and only then, you should embark on writing. Your goal is to decide what evidence will be included in this or that paragraph. If necessary you can prepare a few examples that can illustrate the case much better.
  • Mind that the body section is the longest one. However, it shouldn’t be longer than the predetermined limit.
  • When writing your summary, you should draw a conclusion. It should be brief, but rather informative. If necessary, you can add a call-to-action, making your core audience read the book once again.

Nevertheless, you simply can’t submit your essay without proofreading. Just reserve a few minutes to make sure that your essay is free from mistakes. If there are any, you can easily correct them.

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